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Route search FAQ

route search engine

Since the search form, you can specify a starting point indicating the town, stop, where the desired address (e) and an arrival point by following the same principle. If you saved favorites you can use them by clicking on the star next to the departure and arrival fields. Note that for the starting point, you can click on the geolocation button (if your browser permits) to use your current location.

You can also click directly on the map to choose a start point and an end point.

Then you can select the departure date (by default it shows the current date). Then, departure time or arrival time (not 2). In all cases, the search Destineo optimum route to arrive or depart around the requested time (before and after) .You can also learn your preferences by unchecking the modes of transportation that you do not want to use.

Destineo allows you to search for routes to or from:

• a postal address in the Pays de la Loire;
• a joint in the Pays de la Loire or served by train and plane from Nantes;
• a transport stop served by one of Destineo partner networks;
• a public place located in the Pays de la Loire (Mayor, General Council, school, college, high school, library, ...).

For research to be more effective, it is advisable to enter two directions on your point of departure or arrival on the one hand, a common and, secondly, an address, a public place or stop transport.

If only the name of the town is filled for departure and / or arrival Destineo offer you a route from and / or to a main stopping point.

For a municipality with a compound name, type the name of the latter in full.

By default, all modes of transport are taken into account when calculating routes (transport on demand and bike included). For more specific needs (issue of accessibility or personal choice, for example), you can choose to uncheck one or more modes of transport. Note that in this case, some possibilities of routes will not be proposed.

The routes or schedules searches are possible on 19 transit systems in the region Pays de la Loire as well as from the main stations of the big cities of France (Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon ...) or cities served by the airport Nantes. Note that outside the scope of the Pays de la Loire, only search by station is possible.

For the transport networks integrated into Destineo, see the partner networks.

The calculated distance of your route indicates that it can be done by bike within a reasonable time. The journey time is estimated Destineo has no knowledge of bike paths or any difficulties you may encounter along the way.

The routes Destineo calculator calculates the CO2 emissions of your route and so become aware of the environmental impact of your journey.

The calculation of the CO2 production is done according to the distances traveled and according to average coefficients of CO2 production per mode of transport (train TGV: 2.5 * GEC / km Train: 37.4 GEC / km, Tramway 61.3GEC / km bus: 101.7 GEC / km Car: 101.7 GEC / km Busway: 105.3 GEC / km, Mini bus: 128.1 GEC / km Car: 183.5 GEC / km Plane: GEC 311.9 / km)

These coefficients are derived from the work of ADEME. Source:

GEC: Gram Equivalent Carbon

Timetable FAQ

Since the "Timetables", it is proposed to conduct a research schedules to a stop, between two stops or line.

Research at the stop, you must enter the city or the stop name. If you do not specify a stop Destineo offer you a list of stops attached to this county.

You can specify whether a required date and time search. By default, the search will be made for the same day.

The time to stop looking, you can get a list of upcoming departures from standstill informed, and a program schedule of all departures from this stop for a line and direction data.

The search is done between two stops using the form dedicated by following the same procedure.

Since the search form timetable of a line, select the network, line and direction. You can also select a date and a time.

Nearby search FAQ

In the "Map and Plans", you can enter an address, stop, common to know the public transport stops or points of interest nearby. Destineo displayed on the map the nearest stops and indicates the address lines serving these judgments. You can click on the line and the direction you want to check schedules. You can also modify the search radius to display other stops

State of traffic FAQ

In the section Traffic Estimator, you can view information about planned disruptions on all Destineo partner networks. Select the network and / or the date you are interested to know the traffic forecasts for your trips. The information in Destineo are not updated in real time, they concern the disruption provided at least 48 hours in advance.

Practice, the Traffic Estimator information is displayed on the search results routes or schedules when disruptions are planned.Under the State of traffic heading, you can consult information about any forecast disruptions across all Destineo partner networks. Select the desired network and/or date to learn of any forecast traffic which may affect your travel plans. The information in Destineo is not updated in real time and only concerns those disruptions forecast at least 48 hours in advance.

In the "State of traffic", click the RSS icon on the selected network and then copy and paste the URL of the page that appears in your favorite RSS reader

User account FAQ

The account allows you to create alerts on your favorite routes and thus receive an alert email when disruptions.
To create your account, contact your e-mail address, password and confirm your entry by entering the code that appears on the screen, check "I have read and agree to the site's terms of use" and confirm. You will receive within minutes an activation email to your account.

To make your research faster, you can save your favorite locations (address, transportation stop, public places such as a library).

When you view the details of a route, you can save as a favorite place where the route chosen by clicking on the star.

It is very easy. Log into your account and make a route search. On the roadmap, click "Create alert on this route." Just give a name to your alert, select the days and time slots to monitor and validate; Your alert has been created, you will be warned (e) E-mail in case of disruption.

Destineo FAQ

Consult Section "Networks": it provides all the information on the partner networks.

Click on "Contact us" (bottom of page). Your feedback is invaluable to further improve Destineo and offer an information service that meets your expectations. 

YES !! Destineo partners are committed to providing their new schedules as soon as they change, and sufficiently in advance so you can always know the schedules in 2 weeks. They validate schedules before transmitting them to Destineo and are responsible for the quality of information given to you.

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• Do not use the technique of deep connection, that is to say, the pages of this site should not be nested inside the pages of another website but visible by opening a window independent,
• the source pointing through a hyperlink directly to the content covered is specified.

To apply, you simply go to the "Developer Page" (also accessible from the home page) and fill in the requested information).

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